Verde Salon and Spa

About Us.

Over the past few years, verdesalonandspa has been in the market. Client satisfaction is a difficult thing to come by. We manufacture salon basins, chairs, and mirrors, as well as a variety of other items.

Our Services

Salon Basin

We have a portable hair sink that is made of long-lasting materials. When parallel, the height can be adjusted from the floor to the top of the basin.
The portable basin can be tilted to allow the neck rest to dip.

Salon Mirror

LED mirrors with USB charging ports are open. Gives you a clean, sharp appearance that makes you appear elegant. The big makeup mirror has a detachable base and two back holes for easy removal from the wall.

Salon chair

You can work long hours with little stress on your knees and feet if you use the verdesalonandspa salon barber chair. It relieves tension in shoulders and necks, helps you stand straight and relieves back pain, and provides the best comfort and stability. since these are specially designed for barbers who must stand for long periods of time while performing their duties


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